Pro Squared Consulting is proud to offer educational training and workshops in the area of Diversity and Inclusion for the purpose of both professional and personal development. We believe that no matter our level of proficiency, we can always learn more. Knowing better allows us to do better as we work to positively impact the world.


With over a decade of experience in developing and facilitating D&I trainings, we bring you interactive educational opportunities that provide a safe space for individuals to discuss topics that often feel "untouchable". We want to open the door to personal growth  through honest dialogue and the ability to be human. 

Professional Development

Creating a safe and open space for your staff to engage and learn, we present interactive trainings and workshops focused on LGBTQ workplace bias and cultural competency. Each training is tailored to the individual needs of your industry and staff. Trainings are available virtually as well as in person and range from 3 hour “101” trainings to full day retreats. Individualized programming will be developed for each client.

We have delivered trainings to:

-Drug Treatment Centers (Clinical and non-Clinical Staff)

-Medical Facilities 

-Universities and High Schools (both staff and students)

-Hotels and Resorts

-Youth Serving Social Workers

Virtual programming can accommodate up to 200 individuals per training. 


Personal Development

Understanding the people around us is a vital part of practicing empathy and compassion. Perhaps you know someone who has just “come out”, or you are wondering how to best support a friend or loved one. Join us for a 3 hour virtual workshop that will create a safe space to learn more about the LGBTQ community. This training is meant to serve as a doorway to personal development and an into to our more in depth professional development programming.

Virtual workshops will take place monthly and can accommodate up to 75 people per workshop

“This training is one that I would recommend to everyone. The LGBTQ community is lucky to have Emily. Emily took the time to explain and inform with patience because to some people understanding of the community is very new.”


"I attended a workshop led by Emily Cohen from Pro Squared on Implicit Bias in the LGBTQ+ community. I thought the workshop was incredible and appreciated its introspective nature. Emily set the stage very well at the beginning of her presentation, asking the attendees to have a teachable mindset and challenge themselves if something went against their feelings/beliefs. Emily facilitated a candid and comfortable discussion. Overall, the presentation was informative and fun. This workshop made it feel like a team effort - we are all in this together."