LGBTQ+ Inclusion Certification

Our LGBTQ Inclusion Certification is a way for our clients to show employees, stakeholders, and

customers that they are a supportive and affirming company to interact with. Businesses that meet the

requirements and standards of our certification will receive digital graphics to place on their website and

social media, as well as materials to display in a physical space if necessary. These will act as visual cues

to the community that the company has taken additional steps to be a safe space for LGBTQ individuals

to work and patronize.

The process will begin with a consultation and assessment of current policies and marketing. The

consultant will make recommendations and assist the client in obtaining the necessary resources to

meet the standards of the LGBTQ Inclusion Certification. If LGBTQ competency trainings have not been

completed previously, Pro Squared Consulting will administer trainings to staff at a reduced rate for

businesses seeking certification. Full packages for assessment, content creating (writing policies,

marketing content, social media content, etc), and training are available.

Certification Requirements

Clearly enforceable non-discrimination policies 
-    Contractor/vendor standards include Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
-    Clear employee AND customer/consumer bill of rights that includes non-discrimination policy


Organizational LGBTQ Competency
-    Competency trainings for management and support staff
-    Incorporate clear policies for ongoing professional development in the area of cultural competency


Clearly Diverse External Marketing

-   Clearly diverse in representation of families and individuals, including website and social media
-    Representation of same gender couples/families 
-    Representation of transgender individuals, as well as equal representation of multiple genders and gender expressions overall 
-    Multiracial representation