Pro Squared Consulting is a business development consulting company, focusing on the integration of diversity and inclusion practices in small and large businesses, both internally and externally. Pro Squared Consulting seeks to be a system of support and empowerment to business owners, department directors, and organizational leaders while advising and guiding them in the direction of inclusion, which has been proven to expand consumer base, increase employee moral, and decrease turnover.


Emily Cohen
Business Development Consultant | Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

Emily Cohen is a Business Development Consultant specializing in diversity and inclusion. She works with owners of both small and large companies, HR professionals, and department directors to develop and implement inclusion strategies that broaden the customer base externally and strengthen employee retention internally. With over a decade of experience, Emily continues to create and facilitate diversity and inclusion competency trainings for the purposes of professional development and certification. Formally trained as a clinical social worker, she has also found her niche in the macro world of program development, specifically creating community programming for women and the LGBTQ community. Emily currently manages ProSquared Consulting and is the Executive Director of Ignite Community Services, a non-profit organization focused on community building and advocacy for LGBTQ people on the margins.